Vrana Pakoštane Museum - Maskovica Han Vrana Pakostane Croatia


Within the building there is a museum with a permanent exhibition of objects found in the area of Pakoštan and Vrana. Most of the artefacts were found during underwater archaeological research in today's Pakoštan port. The collection begins with prehistoric artefacts, followed by an antique collection that is also the most numerous. It has various objects of everyday use from numerous bowls and glasses to oil lamps. The collection from the Middle Ages and more modern times includes many different jewels found in the archaeological site of Crkvina near Vransko Lake. There are also numerous pottery fragments along with money as a fundamental trading system. From the Turkish period, the more prominent are the portions of tombstones and cannonballs that were found in Han during renovation.

Apart from the exhibition of these objects, we also provide expert guidance and education for visitors on the initial idea and the creation of Han Mašković as well as other historical attractions of Vrana.