Vrana Biking - Maskovica Han Vrana Pakostane Croatia


In the Vransko area there are well-kept bicycle trails, and they differ in difficulty and landscape through which they pass, and together they are approximately 50 kilometres long. When choosing a route, you should be take into account your physical fitness and experience and based on this, choose which route to go on. The choice is great so you can enjoy biking as a beginner or as an experienced biker. The most common route begins at Vransko near the local church, then goes over a small hill called Majdan and continues along the northern coast of Vransko Lake. The route is the most beautiful, but also the most demanding, so it is advisable to plan well before starting. The trail passes through the gazebo Kamenjak which offers an unforgettable view of the entire lake, coast and islands and is an ideal location for a break. It continues to Prosika, a channel that connects the lake and the sea and then moves through the olive groves.

Apart from the trails that include the Vransko Lake area, there are also many others that go in the direction of Biograd and Zadar, which means that two wheels can explore the entire surrounding area.